If you’ve ever tried to get a tlm foundation that has a beautiful tone, but has colour shifting properties, you are not alone. Millions of people all over the world have used a different type of foundation, especially for those who have skin that is both dark and light, to have their foundation lighten or darken in certain aspects. The concept of a foundation that “shifts colours” has become a well-known one over the years. But why?

tlm foundation

Well, the reality is that there is no such thing as a foundation that will just not change over time, or that has a constant tone. It really comes down to the underlying issue.

The truth is that the foundation that you use has just as much of an effect on the way that you see your skin as does the make up that you use. When you put on foundation, your skin naturally begins to tan, as you become exposed to the sun. But that is not really the point. Your foundation also acts as a lightening agent for your skin, and it helps make sure that your skin is still protected from the sun.

This means that the more often you apply make up, the more often you will have the effects of color shifting. If you try to apply your make up very often, there is a chance that your make up will eventually begin to fade away from the discoloration that your make up has already begun to show. As it fades away, your skin will become paler, making your foundation paler, and your skin will begin to appear older.

The truth is that the foundation that you use will ultimately have a dramatic effect on how dark or light your skin will appear. Although this foundation does have a tendency to tone down the appearance of age, most of the results will come from the damage that the darker make up does to your skin. Your foundation shade is the most important thing to consider when choosing your make up colour.

The reason that a foundation shade will have such a huge effect on the way that your skin appears is that the lightest foundation does not completely cover your skin. To really get the true complexion of your skin, you will have to go for a make up that has a lighter shade to start with. This means that, unless you buy a foundation that is very light, you will still have to reapply your make up often, and you will still see the colour shifting results.

So for those of you who are struggling to find the perfect make up colour, and who are worried that you are “missing out” on your make up, think about the foundation that you will be wearing. Look at the foundation that you are currently using and then think about the foundation that you will be wearing. If your foundation is light, and you are currently using a dark make up, you will probably have to stay with the dark make up. If your foundation is darker than your current make up, you will probably be better off going for a make up that is lighter.