Our Spoty Halogenowe has been sold out for almost two years now. It is the closest to the moment of right sizing and testing that we needed to do before the competition from Steeluwe becomes more visible in the market. The demand from all areas of the world has increased over the past year or so.

This single board, longboard and traditional skateboard have now become the standard in all categories including, but not limited to, downhill, freestyle, parks, and trick and street. Today, in comparison to it’s predecessor the Przeduacze bbnowe or the Spoty Halogenowe, is more vibrant and therefore more versatile and able to perform more tricks better.

Spoty halogenowe

Like other popular brands of longboards like Harri & Harry Hawkes, the Spoty Halogenowe longboard is a long board that offers balance and stability and thus more control when skateboarding. It is also fun to skateboard in comparison to other classic longboards that offer varying degrees of versatility and durability.

The Spoty Halogenowe is very strong and stable, which translates into really fun and practical riding. There are no sharp edges on this board, it is absolutely crash-proof and you can easily cruise around town with it. One of the most interesting things about this longboard is that it has amazing, well sculpted edges that offer super grip on any surface.

The Spoty Halogenowe is also building strong with lots of stiffeners and camber that have been created by our experienced technicians. At the same time, it is incredibly light at around 3.5 pounds (Fritz Grey) and still has amazing stability and control over small surfaces. Although there is less edge flex, but the Spoty Halogenowe is still able to slide through the most intricate angles, when placed on your board.

Compared to other brands that offer similarly priced and powerful longboards, the Spoty Halogenowe is much more versatile in its application. With its unique and versatile design, no matter where you will be having fun, you will be able to find a place to ride and still feel like you are a professional skateboarder.

No longer is there a single quality that defines a longboard or a street deck, but rather a range of features, so you can find a longboard that suits your needs the best. As the technology and style of longboards grows and changes, we look forward to discovering the new trends and best parts and components.