Click here for more info on Pu Leather. It’s a remarkable kind of material, which combines the qualities of horsehair and synthetic rubber to provide unsurpassed traction and comfort.

Horsehair is a well-known synthetic alternative for horsehair bedding. It is completely non-woven, making it ideal for practical usage and great for sports. Horsehair has the added benefit of being considerably lighter than the genuine article. This makes it comfortable to use in the same way as real horsehair would be.

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Real horsehair is hard to come by, with natural ‘stiffnesses’ present in it, but synthetic versions are almost as stiff as the original. This is why so many people choose horsehair for their beds, but polyurethane and even leather versions are increasingly popular as well.

Real horsehair is a naturally fibrous material, which means that it has extremely high tensile strength, leading to a very good level of traction and comfort. It has also been chosen as a source of bedding in sports where performance is important and physical attributes like durability are important.

Horsehair is sourced from a very realistic bloodline of horse and is used in racing for many years. Like real horsehair, it is very comfortable, yet it is strong enough to withstand extremely harsh conditions and elements and still be able to provide great traction.

Though horsehair is a truly realistic bloodline, it’s relatively hard to find and has practically no real material. There are many other animal sources however that can offer the best in-bed comfort. Rubber is the most often cited material, as its ‘liquefaction’ is a unique attribute that results in it providing an excellent grip.

If you’ve never seen real sheep hair before or have only seen synthetic versions, then you might be wondering how it’s possible to get something that feels and looks as similar as possible. The answer is the fact that sheep are entirely natural and not manufactured artificially.

Sheep are native to Europe and North America, so the real sheep look and feel is nearly identical to how sheep really look and feel, down to the tiny flecks of dirt on their coats. Instead of being thick and coarse like modern synthetics, sheep hair is soft and wispy, but strong. This is why sheep’s wool is known for its quality and strength.

Polyurethane is known as one of the strongest materials, thanks to its ability to retain UV rays to a certain degree. While most polyurethanes only last for a certain amount of time after a wash, it can protect the actual bedding itself from fading. With the right kind of UV protection, this means that polyurethane can look as good as genuine leather, and still hold up for a number of years.

The same UV protection is not present in some of the newer uPu models which are manufactured from artificial materials with a less-than-perfect UV protective quality. There are some models that have a full UV protection rating, which is really unfortunate.

Though these models are touted as containing the same ingredients as genuine leather and other modern synthetic materials, they still won’t perform as well as genuine material. Many of these newer products offer synthetic coverings which are not actually leather or uPu, but other synthetic fabrics like polyester or acrylic. They also come with covers that fall apart after a few uses.

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