Have you ever needed the services of an Atlanta criminal lawyer? Are you worried that your case may be taken advantage of? If so, you may want to consider searching for an Atlanta criminal lawyer that provides the highest level of legal services while being within the budget you desire. When selecting an Atlanta criminal lawyer, there are a number factors that should be considered, such as the size of the law firm, its success rate, its reputation, and the way it handles cases.

Finch McCranie LLP, a prestigious law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, is ranked among the nation’s top law firms by the American Bar Association, contributing to its reputation as a “top tier” firm. The firm has won numerous awards, including a “LSAT Outstanding Lawyer” designation from the American Bar Association. The firm is committed to preparing aggressive defense cases that ensure its client’s rights are protected throughout the legal process. The firm is also committed to developing strong partnerships with the other legal services to companies and individuals it works with. In addition, the firm strives to uphold the ethical standards of conduct and promise of excellence that it inculcates in its associates.


Another highly respected Atlanta criminal law firm is Fios, another of the nation’s top litigation practices. Fios boasts a long history and an outstanding reputation for reaching its goal of protecting the interests of clients who have been accused of committing crimes. The Atlanta-based Fios was named one of “The 50 Best Small Attorneys” by the American Bar Association. The company is proud to be listed on the ABA’s “Lawyer Reputation Matters” website. In terms of personal injuries and malpractice actions, Fios is one the nation’s premiere trial practice firm.

In terms of malpractice actions and insurance coverage, Fios has long been at the forefront of coverage policies. The firm maintains a claim statistics record that is the envy of its peers. Furthermore, the Atlanta-based Fios is noted for its willingness to explore alternative settlement options for cases, such as an out-of-court settlement or an adjustment of the final compensation amount. In fact, the last quarter of fiscal year 2009 saw an increase in claims filed on behalf of Fios clients. Another reason that Fios is a sought-after defendant in Georgia wrongful death cases is because it is not only a plaintiff’s firm but also handles insurance coverage on behalf of clients. The insurance coverage referred to in this paragraph is referred to in legal jargon as an “asset-based defense.”

The trial practice firm of Fios is additionally noteworthy for its long history in representing corporations as well as individuals. The company’s long track record of successfully representing corporations and individuals alike makes Fios one of Georgia’s premier litigators and law firms. In fact, the company was co-founded in 1998 by Frank McCourt, who is a former trial lawyer and currently is a partner with Dr. James L. McCourt, an Atlanta-based corporate attorney. Frank McCourt served as legal counsel to several Fortune 500 companies, including Tesoro Petroleum Corporation. He also served as an assistant U.S. Attorney General during the tenure of Assistant Attorney General John Ashford.

In addition to its long history in representing corporations and other entities, Fios has also been extremely successful in handling many cases as an attorney general. One of its most recent successes involves an individual who was employed as a translator for a company involved in a major oil spill in Alaska, which resulted in thousands of dead sea shrimp. After uncovering this case, Fios brought the case to the attention of the United States Justice Department, which eventually agreed to require Transoob to pay a $1 million settlement to the deceased shrimp’s families.

Another of Fios’ notable victories is its handling of a recent lawsuit brought against Florida-based J.R.R. Honeycutt & Company, which manufactured a bird-feeding product called Rolo. A number of people died and many homes were damaged after a company representative used a handheld gory device to pull live birds from the air, killing them.

Like many Attorneys General, Georgia Attorney General Harry Lee initially refused to file charges against Honeycutt, saying that he could not prove that the manufacturer knowingly sold a dangerous bird-killing product. Ultimately, however, the state’s highest court ordered a new trial and found that the government had a legitimate reason to file charges against Honeycutt. The court found that there had been “a substantial risk that plaintiffs may experience a debilitating loss,” and therefore a “striking” or “filing” of false claims act case against the company was justified. This is far from a victory for Fios, but it is better than having to defend one false claim against a corporation, which could easily cost millions of dollars in damages. As the saying goes, every bird is a little man’s bird, but only a few Attorneys General know their way around the Georgia wildlife law.