Sony’s new 4K TV will support the new Hollywood Lifestyle, and they’re calling it the BERGEROUND. A lot of companies are making products that have a cutting edge design and Sony is one of the most stylistic. They’ve designed a new home theater system with cutting-edge technology that’s similar to what you’ll find in theaters. That includes the Sony 4K Beamer Digital Video Displays, which will allow consumers to enjoy movies in true picture quality with the comfort of home.

The BERGEROUND is a revolutionary home entertainment solution combining true surround sound with cutting edge style. It’s the perfect addition to today’s homes for its seamless integration into the room’s design and comfort. In aug 2021, Sony will be introducing a whole line-up of products for this line, including televisions, home theater systems, and gaming consoles. This is a huge deal for Daewoo, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic appliances in the world.

The BERGEROUND boasts many features, the most notable among them being its integrated speaker grill. It looks just like a regular home theater system, with flat screens on top and speakers on the sides. But the BERGEROUND has a unique style, with two glass panels with the speaker grilles positioned in different angles. The resulting effect creates a sense of depth, as the sound comes from all directions instead of coming towards you from a single direction. This is an improvement over the typical flat screen television’s surround sound capability, which sometimes results in distorted or muffled sound.

Another great feature is the fact that the Sony 4k Beamer can connect to Daewoo’s entire range of internet service providers. That means consumers can stream videos from anywhere in the world at high-speed. For the diehard gamer, this is a must have feature. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite movies or games, or just catching up on your daily work, online video is definitely the way to go when quality isn’t important.

Finally, the four-player ability of the Daewoo BERGEROUND makes it a great choice for any event where you’d need to put together a group of friends or family members. There are a number of support options that are available, including a voice chat program that allows each member of the group to talk to each other, as long as they have microphones on. Another great feature is the interactive voice response system, which lets you speak into the microphone feed and ask questions of the players. This could be extremely useful if you were having a problem getting through to someone, or simply want to check in on how they’re doing.

The Japanese company’s TV campaign is also interesting in that it shows off a Japanese version of the BERGEROUND interface. If you’re familiar with Sony’s other products such as the Play station, PlayStation and PSP, then you’ll recognize most of the interface. If not, it’s worth looking into, especially as foreign markets are getting more interested in this brand of technological advancement. If the Japanese version of the BERGEROUND is anything to go by, it will be a hit in terms of sales and popularity, as the masses begin clamoring for an alternative to iPhone and Android apps.