There is a lot of buzz about the product known as “Resurge”. So, this article will give you a quick overview of what Resurge is all about. We will also discuss Resurge reviews and complaints about this product.

The product was created to combat medical problems that can cause you to gain weight. It is said to be able to aid in burning fat and eliminate excess weight in just one or two pills per day. Resurge was founded by Dr. Benjamin Danolis who is the head of the University of Maryland’s Nutrition Department. Dr. Danolis has been an advocate for human growth hormone as well as a proponent of the use of natural supplements as opposed to prescription drugs.

I have yet to find anything bad about Resurge which could make it unsafe for use when trying to lose weight or maintain your weight loss. Of course, since I do not know the manufacturer’s side of the story on safety issues, I cannot provide a full written review.

weight loss supplement Resurge

One of the major complaints with Resurge is that the list of ingredients is very short. In fact, the entire product is only five ingredients, with no other herbs or nutrients included. Of course, there are some new natural ingredients which may be able to help but such products have not been scientifically tested yet. This leaves a lot of people upset, as they feel cheated by a product that was supposed to be something more than it is.

I am sure you are wondering what is the weight loss supplement Resurge really like? Here are a few reviews and complaints about this weight loss product.

A Resure review that asks “what is the weight loss supplement Resurge?” Mentions that many of the companies claiming to make “natural” weight loss supplements are just marketing their products as being natural. In fact, most of these companies are nothing more than untrustworthy money-making schemes.

A supplement review on Resure review by Melissa Harris says that the company seems to be a well-known marketer of other products that didn’t work well. Dr. Harris states that there are a lot of claims made by Resure manufacturers but no proof to back up those claims.

A Resure review by Suzanne Hartfield claims that there is little proof that Resure can actually help you lose weight. On the bright side, Hartfield did find that Resure does seem to help people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

A Resure review by Marla Franklin asserts that Resure just masks the body’s response to stress, causing your metabolism to slow down and the human body to store fat longer. Franklin did find that Resure seemed to help people who suffer from asthma but the claim could not be backed up with scientific research.

Resure users also have reported side effects like nausea, constipation, headache, and even weight loss. These side effects are caused by the fact that the pills used to produce Resure are actually synthetic. I guess you could say that Resure has some negatives as well as positives.

To summarize, Resure does seem to help people who are experiencing weight gain. I did find that it is a very good treatment for asthma and generalized anxiety. Resure seems to help the body adjust to the diet you choose and can help you naturally lose weight without the need for some added help.

What is the weight loss supplement Resurge? Well, it’s one of the many weight loss supplements out there that work by making the human body react in a certain way. In other words, if the body does react in a certain way, it helps you lose weight.