“Moody Realtor” is how many people will refer to Port Moody Realty Agent Peter T. Arundel. “Moody Realty” is another term used for Port Moody Realtor Peter T. Arundel. Port M Moody Realtor Peter T. Arundel is also known as a “Rancho Monterey Realtor.” Port M Moody Realtor Peter T. Arundel is a “Richmond Beach Realtor.”

Port Moody Realtor Peter T. Arundel” is an experienced realtor with years of experience in the San Diego and Co. County areas. He is a licensed Realtor and a member of the San Diego Association of Realtors (SAR). He has more than 20 years experience in the area of real estate and is well versed in a variety of housing related issues.

“Port Moody Realtor Peter T. Arundel” has been a resident of the community since 1976. He has been married for over 35 years. He has had four children and a total of eleven grandchildren. He has three other siblings. He was raised in a middle class family and has been a regular homeowner throughout his life.

Peter T. Arundel grew up in a very strong and prosperous family and has a very rich background. His great grandfather came to this country during the Depression and worked in the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. His father worked with the company for ten years and then came to live in San Diego. He then became the realtor for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Peter T. Arundel has served as a member of the Board of Supervisors in the Town of Port Maitland for over ten years. He was also a past President of the Port Maitland Chamber of Commerce. He was the former District 3 School Trustee. He is currently a member of the Planning Commission of the City of Port Maitland.

“Port Moody Realtor Peter T.” is a realtor with a wide array of expertise and knowledge in the real estate industry. Peter T. Arundel is well-known for his ability to represent sellers and buyers in a positive manner. He can work with clients of all kinds and with all types of budgets. Peter T. Arundel is also a great communicator and someone who listen well. He is willing to listen to his clients’ needs and desires. he can assist his clients in finding a home for sale and find the right home for them.