A college student in his early twenties is having a difficult time walking. He has nerve damage in his neck and may never regain complete mobility. The suspected cause: Whipped cream chargers, which are made of compressed air and a chemical compound containing nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide
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The college student was inhaling almost 360 doses of nitrous oxide a day. He claims that he doesn’t remember ever getting sick or having an accident. He was using the whipped cream dispenser just as he normally would-to blow off some steam after a long day at school. Unfortunately, he put the dispenser in the bathroom and instead of blowing off steam he inhaled a very potent and sometimes lethal dose of nitrous oxide.

N2O can cause a number of different short-term effects such as dizziness, headaches, nausea and more. However, the main long-term effects of using nitrous oxide (HO) are an extremely dangerous combination of coughing, rapid heartbeat and even death. Short-term effects are nothing compared to what the person may experience over a long period of time. Nitrous oxide (HO) pills can be purchased legally with some state laws allowing its use by adults who have a valid prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.

In September of last year, we reported news of a 22-year-old Canadian woman who was arrested after police found nangs and whipped cream pills in her hotel room. The woman, Alexa Del Mastro, claimed to be a student studying abroad in Italy when authorities served her a warrant for her arrest because she failed to appear at a scheduled court date. When contacted by the Toronto Star, Ms. Del Mastro’s lawyer told us that her client had been taking the popular illegal drug Nangs, which is also known as honeycomb, which is legal in Canada but not in Italy where the drug was seized.

Nangs is made from the dried roots of the Cinnamomum verum plant and is very similar to a very popular over the counter drug called cough syrup. It is usually sold as a liquid, which can be snorted, injected or smoked. Nangs users can get behind the wheel of a car and drive without endangering others while laughing, joking and speaking on the telephone while the drug is in their system. Recently, we heard from a Canadian man who was stopped for swerving across the road, while inside a police car with two other people. When the police asked him why he was driving the car, he answered “because I was laughing”.

Nitrous oxide is also the main ingredient in laughing gas parties. The gas gives off a very strong odor similar to that of baking bread or a baking soda odour when it is fresh. When the gas is mixed with alcohol it produces what is known as the ‘hippie buzz’. This is euphoria caused by the tranquilizing effect of the nitrous oxide and the feeling of being high on drugs.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is now becoming more popular as an alternative form of getting a buzz. Many people enjoy taking balloons filled with either air or Nitrous oxide for this reason. Nitrous oxide can be purchased online or at local stores. Inhaling the balloon will give off a very strong odor, much like that of baking soda. The smell emitted from the balloon will mask the distinct odor of Nitrous oxide which will give you the ‘high’ that you are seeking when inhaling Nitrous oxide.

If you are interested in trying Nitrous oxide, you should try it the next time that you want to have fun. Nitrous oxide provides a very quick high that makes the world of difference between a good time and a bad one. If you feel that you may be having trouble breathing, you can try inhaling some of the laughing gas through a balloon. If you do not want to purchase a balloon, you can simply try to take a hit from a can or trying some of the Nitrous oxide from an inhaler. Either way you will be the winner and the world will know that you just had a nang.